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These are true works of American Pride, Passion with the Commitment to producing the finest Side Charging Upper Receiver in the World. Our Price:  Get the best deal on Enhanced BCG 5. 56 . LANTAC Raven™ Straight Pull Rifle. This BCG works in ANY standard AR15 receiver. AR15 parts and accessories. We carry JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING by LANTAC LANTAC E-BCG Side Charging Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group AR-15 223 Re LANTAC E-BCG DI Side Charger, Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. 56 / . I'm sure I could have a regular bcg modified, but I hate the looks of that, especially the serrations. This one is completely legit. The Gas Key has been replaced with a piston style guide. Really an amazing price. Use our detailed guide to explore options and determine the best . The LANTAC Bolt Carrier Group is Nickel Boron coated, heat Treated, hard Turned, and chrome Lined. For a component as important as the bolt carrier group (BCG), using the highest quality parts will ensure the best fitment and finish possible. Lantac Usa Llc Usc, Side Charging, Upper, Milspec Type3, Class2 Deep Black Hardcoat Anodize , Includes Cp-r360 Domed Head Cam Pin, Billet 7075-t6 Aluminum Fill in your email below to request a new password. 223 Rem 300 Blackout (BCG) Bolt Carrier Group **Very Durable Plasma Finish **Red Color** Only 5. 8 SPC/6. S. lantac-usa. 9K likes. I would highly recommend spending a little more and going with the Lantac BCG. Backorder notice: Estimated ship date March 25th, 2019. Phosphated Lantac E-BCG, patented and patent pending, dedicated Straight Pull side charging bolt and carrier system, features 17-4PH Stainless CP-R360 Domed Head campin for reduced wear and reduced friction. New BCA side charging Receiver/BCG combo! This billet upper fits any Mil-spec lower receiver. The entire assemble is coated with… Side Charge AR-15 and AR-10 Parts for sale Free shipping on all side charging parts and accessories Eisenach Arms Inc. Lantac USA Side Charger E-BCG & USC If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Blackwood Arm’s Billet Side-Charging Ambidextrous Upper is hands down the best upper on the market . 223/5. Lantac . So, if you’re building a SHTF, zombie-apocalypse-proof, rifle…go with a regular BCG. The grip is from Hogue. Lantac, CMTtactical, Gibz, ASA and i am sure i am missing other side charging uppers. 56/. The UPUR-3A is machined from Billet 7075 T6 Aluminum unlike the more commonly used 6061. 308 Bolt Carrier Groups are available in several design variations Armalite AR-10, 308 AR, RRA and POF. USA, UK LANTAC USA RAVEN INTERMEDIATE RIFLE Direct Impingement NiB coated MPI-tested E-BCG (Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group) AXTS Raptor ambidextrous charging handle AXTS Talon ambidextrous 45 safety selector Strike Ind. LANTAC Upper Side Charger (USC) The LANTAC USC is basically a side charging version of their popular UAR upper. LANTAC USA just introduced a few new products which are a billet Upper Side Charger (USC), Side Charger E-BCG (Piston and DI) with modular charging hand and an extended Side Charging Handle assembly. 56 Dragon. LanTac USA started teasing pics of their much anticipated Black Nitride version of the E-BCG a couple of weeks ago and we just learned that both the standard E-BCG (5. The Cross Machine Tool Ultra Precision Upper Receiver Part# UPUR-3A Right Side/Rear Charged Upper is the perfect Mate to your UHP-15 lower receiver or would also be a great match with any Mil-Spec lower. 250″ Takedown Pin Bores Mil-Spec Charging Handle Standard Mil-spec MP TB 7. The USC features strengthened sidewalls for maximum rigidity and; head cam pin to move with the minimum of wear against these internal reciprocation channel. Lantac UK. Flawless performance after 1,000 rounds. It’s hard to find a left-handed side-charger, usually a small shop milling them. Our new BCG is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a shot peened bolt manufactured from Carpenter 158 and Magnetically Particle Inspected. Which means it will now be moving on every shot and I could see it leading to bolt malfunctions. 56 Caliber. 56) $316. The bolt carrier is machined from 8620 cold rolled steel. If the left side of the upper was ported like most side charging ARs I wouldn’t have a problem with it Find the perfect bolt carrier group for your AR-15 and other AR-15 parts from top brands like Bravo, CMMG, FailZero and more in stock and ready to ship. AR-15 / M16 BILLET Side Charge Upper Receiver with Nitride BCG $ 195. The greatest improvement to the AR-15, the X-15 SCU (Side Charging Upper). Description. Barrel nut threads, bore and barrel extension surfaces are all machined in one  LANTAC's Side Charging Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group features a new screw in charging handle system and is ideal for anyone who wants easier and faster LANTAC USA just introduced a few new products which are a billet Upper Side Charger (USC), Side Charger E-BCG (Piston and DI) with modular charging  LANTAC E-BCG™ DI Side Charger, Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. Assisted Bolt Unlocking is built in making this the smoothest manual bolt carrier on the market today. If you need a new upper receiver for your AR-15, consider the LANTAC UAR upper advanced receiver. Look forward to adding the Lantac side charging BCG with it. Message us before ordering. Palmetto State Armory 5. 56 ! is a billet upper and fits any mil spec lower receiver and is crafted from the same quality materials as our m4 flat top uppers. Lantac's side charging enhanced bolt carrier group is a M16 full auto style boltg carrie. Side charger upper and BCG on sale at Primary Arms, only $117. With its blended cam recess the USC™ upper is machined from Billet 7075-T6 certified aluminum and milspec, Type3, Class2, Deep Black, Hardcoat Anodized. Precision made in the U. where the side charging lever will be easier. Lantac makes an unusual side charging bolt carrier that may not line up with  Jun 5, 2019 You must use the Spartan Enhanced Cam Pin in the Spartan Side Charging Upper! Use of the Standard Cam Pin will cause the Bolt Carrier  Best AR Bolt Carrier Groups, BCG's ready to ship and at the lowest prices for calibers : 5. M16 Full Auto Style for increased mass and lock time. 62x39 10. 56 Premium Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group - 8779 . Lantac USA manufactures the highest quality Bolt Carrier Groups for AR15, M16 and M4 type rifles. Since this is a side charger build, the usual AR-15 charging handle is pretty much a loose plug in the upper receiver. He relied on the buffer and spring to close the bolt. The Bolt Carrier Group get’s a lot of 5 star reviews across the web. LANTAC UAR AR15 Upper Advanced Receiver. I’ve run several handles in it and at the moment it has a BCM Gunfighter. The YM chrome NM carrier with side charging handle is identical to their regular NM carrier except for the addition of the side charging handle. Our new BCG is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a shot peened bolt manufactured  Wholesale Hunter offers a wide variety of Lantac USA products at the best prices. The brand new Mk2 Side Charging Handle is a direct drop in replacement for the standard AR-15 charging handle, no tools or gunsmithing is required. Our Price: $119. See full specs here. @willsmith4real looks like the charging handle is now directly connected to the bolt. For a side charging upper, this is deserving of the “best overall” title for a few good reasons. Right to Bear Arms and Supply proudly sells these core components from top-of-the-line brand names, including Anderson Manufacturing, Rock River Arms, Spike’s Tactical and WMD Guns. 62) are now officially available with a Black Nitride finish. M16 Full Auto Style for increased mass and lock time. Available in two options, the "traditional" UAR (Upper Advanced Receiver) that utilizes a standard charging handle, & the USC (Upper Side Charging) receiver that utilizes their side charging BCG's. This is our UK Facebook page for USA please visit: One problem that he had was the lack of direct control of the BCG. Rifles, Muzzle Brakes & more. 95 . LANTAC E-BCG® DI Side Charger, Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group for . 158® steel, shot peened for increased strength, includes tool steel machined extractor and ejector, BCM Extractor Spring, and is HPT (High Pressure Tested) and MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected). We are proud to introduce the GFGear Side Charging handle Mk2. 300blk AR into a bolt gun by simply blocking off the gas port in Shop LANTAC Enhanced AR15 Bolt Carrier Group (E-BCG). LANTAC E-BCG Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. We stock only the best parts for the highest quality fit and finish on this crucial component. You can use any A2 stock , M4 stock, or pistol buffer tube as well. 5x14 power scope with gloves on in cold weather the rear charging handle can be difficult at times. The design is innovative and allows the use of your favorite bolt carrier group. Our new BCG is  This reduces bolt carrier friction and creates a much smoother operation. The re-designed forward facing gas ports enables it to operate more efficiently and to better tolerate a suppressed barrel. It’s harder to find a right-side-charge, left-side eject side-charger. 99 Enhanced BCG LANTAC E-BCG™ DI Side Charger, Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. – Uses all Mil-Spec and most Custom Bolt Carriers without modification. 223/5/56mm). New Frontier Armory C-4 Side Charging Upper AR-15 Upper Receiver -C4-NRSC. I am interested in left side charging non reciprocating style and would still like it to be able utilize a mil spec BCG without blow back should I go suppressed. 56, . 62 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group BCG. This unusual looking BCG turns your AR into a bolt action rifle when built into an upper with no gas system installed. not sure if it's possible but looking for info for a gunsmith to thread a bcg for a bolt handle for a side charging upper reciver. Was doing some research and ran accross these uppers. It is reciprocating right side only. I used an ar stoner side charging upper on my grendel which is a heavy long range gun. ” TB 7. 300BLKCarrier 8620 Steel Bolt 3 Gun Labs Inc. Lantac UK manufacture custom rifles and retail shooting accessories. . An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. polymer ejection port cover CMC E-CT1 single-stage 3. Lantac USA posted up a photo of a new AR BCG that has an external handle. The carrier body has been reshaped and reduced in weight and features an oil resevoir access hole together with sprung loaded assisted bolt unlocking. This cover easily flips up for insertion or removal of the bolt carrier and is locked into place by the lower receiver once assembled. John i am building mine for hunting. 00 The Sanders Armory AR-15 / M16 BILLET Side Charging Receiver Assembly is a custom receiver made from 7075 T6 Grade Billet Aluminum with Mil-A-8625 Type III Hard Coat Anodized Finish and M4 Feed Ramps. 300 BCG - Black Nitride. I have the upper and the manual action side charging BCG for my . LANTAC E-BCG™ DI Side Charger, Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. Can't wait to buy more Lantac quality products for my builds. The BCG is made of 8620 steel and the bolt itself is made of 158 carpenter steel. 56, 300 BLK, 9mm. So whether you have an AR15 just to plink with, you are a competition shooter, or someone who uses their AR to defend their home, I would highly recommend a FailZero BCG as your bolt carrier group. I have a lot of bcgs so I was just seeing if it can be done and how much before I have to buy a young manufacturing one. Lantac BCG includes 3 handle options (as shown in picture) • Will not work with BCA style BCG, handle is set further back Lantac makes a reciprocating side-charger. They are not interchangeable. The Internet's Gun Store. FORGED CHARGING HANDLE WITH UTG EXTENDED TACTICAL LATCH. 308 WIN/7. http://www. The DPMS Style 308 BCG is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a 9310 Precision Hard Ground Bolt. The most advanced side charging rifle on the market today. It still functions as a Direct Impingement carrier and the Side Charging Handle reciprocates with the BCG. 308 Bolt Carrier Group for you to buy and use with your rifle From there they are picked up by Blackwood Arms and inspected and then hand finished and assembled. MAS DEFENSE AR15 SLICK SIDE UPPER RECEIVER ***BLEM*** In Stock. Lantac Usa Llc Black, A2 Adapter Collar, Use Extra Collars To Allow The Use Of One Bmd Across Multiple Firearms, Works On Dgn556b (5. Not to difficult to convert without the drama or cost. 223 Rem online and save. Assisted unlocking bolt system delivers ultra smooth cycling action. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Make It A Complete Kit by choosing options on top of page. Lantac LA00270 Side Charger Multi-Caliber; The USC is a precision machined upper with a special burnished bore that reduced deflection surfaces. Ar 15 Side Charging Upper Receiver Ambi Bolt Ac primary arms bca branded ar 15 fed upper receiver bcg bo 6 5 grendel type ii lantac bolt action ar 15 bcg the It is designed to work with standard gas impingement systems or gas piston systems. 308/7. The entire carrier assembly is NiB, Electroless Nickel Boron coated with the patented, advanced UCT EXO process, unlike standard NiB coatings. s. MSRP: Was: MDX Arms . 8 using a 18" X-Caliber barrel and a BCA side charging upper. The patent pending SMOOTHCAM system features a domed head, low friction cam pin and special upper receiver that offer ultra smooth operation. AR10 Full Auto Style for increased mass and lock time. I'm now trying to hunt down a Nickel Boron coated side charging BCG. Be sure your file is in the proper format. 9 Oz Designed For 3 Gun Competition BMD — Blast Mitigation Device. Machined from billet 7075-T6 aluminum, this upper is sturdy and durable. com/ The patent pending SMOOTHCAM system features a domed head, low friction c LANTAC E-BCG™ DI Side Charger, Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. 4 WEEK BACKORDER •Complete Bolt Carrier Assembly • 5. Details LANTAC USA manufactures the highest quality accessories for AR-15/M16 pattern rifles. com. If you’re also looking for a side charging upper for a custom AR-15 build, you’re probably going to want something like this. 62x39 1-10 Twist Hbar YHM Diamond Specter Length Quad Rail TB Upper Receiver Forged 7075-T6 Precision Machined to Mil-SPEC MIL-A-8625F TYPE 3 CLASS 2 Hardcoat Anodized . It’s also compatible with all standard BCG’s to include full-auto rated, 308 BCG’s, and pistol caliber BCG’s with a removable weight in the rear. Lantac billet uppers are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, have M4 feed ramps, & are made to milspec standards. Cleaning the Lantac BCG was effortless due to the very slick finish. AR-9 8" Side Charging LRBHO Pistol Cal Complete Upper Assembly with BCG - 9MM IS BUILD ON A NON RECIPROCATING SIDE CHARGING BILLET UPPER RECEIVER WITH LRBHO (LAST ROUND BOLT HOLD OPEN). AR15 Bolt Carrier Groups. Check out the pics and details below. This combo includes a BCA side charger BCG, a side charging bolt handle, a threaded receiver plug, and the BCA side charging upper. It controls side blast, sends gasses forward while disrupting flow and reducing signature through the teeth machined in the exit aperture, and combats muzzle rise via the diffuser grids and ports. We carry a large line of DPMS, Magpul, Yankee Hill, Command Arms CAA, Leapers, UTG, AccuShot, NC Star, Rock River Arms, SunDevil, Tactical Solutions, Grizzly, Stag Arms, DTI Del-Ton Inc and many others. Our new BCG is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a shot peened bolt manufactured from Carpenter 158 and Magnetica American Spirit Arms Side Charging Upper Receiver – This receiver was designed as one of the most highly desired options for the AR-15. This carrier is intended only for use in upper receivers that have a side charging handle slot, such as the Mega SBU side charge upper receiver. Features: • Designed for use with Warr Dogz Black Nitrade, Warr Dogz Nickle Boron, and Lantac right side charge BCG. – GIBBZ Arms Patented Pending Left Side Charging Handle – Non-reciprocating with detent to keep the charging handle forward during operation. Enhanced BCG DI Side Charger (. trigger Type 3 Class 2 black anodized 7075-T6 aluminum billet receivers 45 Safety selector lever cut, flared magwell Melonite Lantac UK manufactures the highest quality accessories for AR15, M16 and M4 type rifles. 56 Nato . 56mm bolt is MPI tested and the entire BCG has a Nickel Boron finish. LANTAC E-BCG™ Dedicated Straight Pull Bolt Carrier Group. LANTAC E-BCG DI Side Charger, Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. The LANTAC E-BCG AR15 Bolt Carrier Group might just be the best looking AR15 Bolt Carrier Group to date. Our new 308 BCG is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a 9310 Precision Hard Ground, Magnetically Particle Inspected Bolt. AR10, AR-308 and 308 AR . For anyone who has seen Lantac's Straight Pull E-BCG, would this provide any accuracy advantage by eliminating 2 of the 3 recoil impulses inherent to semi autos? Obviously this eliminates the biggest advantage to a semi auto, but you can still take advantage of ergos, mag capacity, weight savings, modularity, etc. I'm building a 6x6. The billet machined X-15 SCU is a revolutionary leap forward in non-reciprocating side charging design that improves where others have left off. 5″ 7. I have to say that I am loving the idea of the charging handle being on the side instead of the top because it makes it easier if you are running a optic on it. This Lantac BCG needs to be used with a side charging upper receiver, which Lantac makes. 56 BCG and AR15 Complete Receiver Combo. And the craftsmanship is superior. com | Reviews and Shipping options available Gibbs non-reciprocating side charge uppers available upon request. Please use only one for each item. AR-15 Side Charging Billet Upper Receiver & Nitride BCG (Made in the USA) Features:AR15 Side Charging Upper ReceiverMachined from Billet Machined 7075-T6 AluminumHard Coat Anodized Black Right Handed OperationMade In USAAlso Included and installed:AR15 Side Bolt Carrier GroupM16 Style (Full Auto Capable) . Company holding the patent for the Side Charger The bolt assembly is machined from the correct Mil-Spec Carpenter No. 00 $ 165. Our Price: Lantac Side Charge BCG. , rifles, muzzle brakes and more. Features our dedicated E-BCG with adaptive handle system and Smoothcam all built in. This bolt carrier is 1/2 oz heavier and has more surface area at the carrier front. With its blended cam recess the USC upper is machined from Billet 7075-T6 certified aluminum and mil this side charging receiver/bcg combo in 223/5. turned his . Lantac Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group, . The prices include the BCG and the upper. All it took was a wipe with a little oil and it's ready to go again. Spartan Side Charge Non-Reciprocating Billet Upper Receiver The side charger features a rear dust cover, a non-reciprocating left side charging handle with adjustable tension on the slide lock, adaptable to gas piston conversions, and the best feature of alluses ANY Mil-Spec BCG! The Blackwood Arms Side Charging AR-15 Upper Receiver is precision machined from virgin 7075 T6 Billet, hard anodized and topped with a very nice Teflon Finish (as are the charging handles). These additions  Gibbz Arms MG4 Side Charging Upper Receiver - Stripped Upper/AR15. It essentially acts as a straight pull bolt action, but they make a reciprocating side charging carrier that has a gas key as well so you can use it as a semiauto. With its blended cam recess the UAR upper is machined from Billet 7075-T6 certified aluminum and milspec, Type3, Class2, Deep Black, Hardcoat Anodized. 56mm Nickel Boron, Side Charger. this combo includes a side charger bcg, a side charging bolt handle, a threaded receiver plug, and the side charging upper. A. tags: outdoorsportsusa, ar-15, side charging upper, bcg, made in u. The charging handle could pull the BCG back but he did not have anything to manually push the BCG forward. It appears overly built and petty heavy. 5 Grendel/6. This Billet Upper Receiver features an exclusive rear cover that prevents gases from escaping and hitting the shooter. Side charging upper. this combo … Buy the Lantac LA00270 Side Charger Multi-Caliber on sale for a great price at our online store! If you have questions about the Lantac LA00270 Side Charger Multi-Caliber or other AR15 Upper Receivers we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best AR15 Upper Receivers for you. I have side charging AR's. The BMD is a quick-detach cover for LANTAC’s 5. Your file may contain RSR Stock Numbers, Manufacturer Part Numbers and/or UPCs. By relocating the charging action to the side, as opposed to the rear of the receiver, the shooter can maintain a sight position and shooting position while charging the chamber with ammunition. These are Bear Creek and the BCG is really nice. Having a manually operated upper could come in handy if you live in CA or NY state. 5  National Match Bolt Carrier by Young Manufacturing, Inc. Ar-15 LMB Low Mass Aluminum 5. 5 lb. 458 SOCOM Fail Zero BCG No Hammer NIB. 56) and E-BCG Heavy (7. 223 Rem Misc AR Parts at GrabAGun . The E-BCG Side Charging Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group comes complete with three handle variants: knurled steel, smooth steel with silicone rubber insert, and neoprene over steel core. (3 ). 56/223), Dgn9mmb (9mm 1/2x36), Dgn9mmc (9mm Mpx), Dgn9mmd (9mm The latest Tweets from LANTAC (@LANTAC). Order the LanTac Enhanced BCG Nickel 5. We stock parts for the DPMS pattern rifles, which seem to be the most common on the market, but some work with both platforms. This BCG ships with 3 side charger versions; knurled steel, smooth steel with silicone insert, and a steel core with a neoprene sleeve. LANTAC E-BCG, Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. This upper receiver is specifically designed to meet the needs of avid AR-15 users. Our new BCG is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a shot peened bolt manufactured from Carpenter 158 and Magnetically Parti It is the ideal BCG for USC (Upper Side Charging) receiver. 62x39 BCG I'm not sure how good this would be on a pistol, but I use the Lantac upper with an Eisenach BCG and it's a super smooth combination. The bolt carrier group (BCG) is the heart of any AR platform rifle. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. LanTac USA LLC Bolt Carrier Group, Nickel Boron Coated, . Lantac's Straight Pull E-BCG is designed for use in manually operated rifles where no gas system is present. AR15, M16 & M4 Rifle Accessories. The GFGear Side Charging Handle is machined from billet 7075-T6 with a tensile strength of 83,000psi and hard coat anodized in matte black. Looks like the Matrix Arms has the options I am looking for. We just might have to give on of these a try on one of our suppressed AR15 rifles. This high-quality enhanced bolt carrier group is constructed of 8620 steel with the entire group carrying a nickel boron coating. My gun shoots great but I'm not sure i gain anything other than being a little different. 62X51MM Enhanced Full Auto Style Bolt Carrier Group NiB Coated. Replace worn out parts or build your own "perfect" BCG for your needs. 223 Bolt •MP Inpsected •NiB (Electroless Nickel Boron) finish •Comes with stubby screw in charging handle options: Knurled, Neoprene over steel core, Knurled and Silicone Rubber with Steel. Lantac released their latest offering their side charging enhanced bolt carrier group for direct impingement Ar-15's (. Lantac's new BCG is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a shot peened bolt manufactured from Carpenter 158 and Magnetically Particle Inspected. This puppy is reliable and will remain so after thousands of rounds. X Products AR15 Side Charging Upper for AR15 -- 223/5. LANTAC E-BCG . MSRP: Was: LanTac UAR 7075 T6 Billet Upper Advanced Receiver with Cam Pin. The Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a shot peened bolt manufactured from Carpenter 158. Shop a full line of LANTAC products at MidwayUSA. My friend Brian M. 62 Nato/6. No AR15 build is complete without a high-grade Nickel Boron bolt carrier group - BCG . Features flared, anti tilt tail, Smoothcam Cam Pin System and Adaptive handle. 458 SOCOM hunting rifle build. This combo is perfect for a bolt action/Semi auto build or perfect for an ergonomic and unique work horse build. Luckily the standard uppers and side charging seem to be pretty close in price. a, anodized, ABOUT US OutdoorSports-USA goal is to provide the best price and high-quality items to our customers. The Best AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups: What They Really Cost Abe June 28, 2018 Best in Class 26 Comments There are two schools of thought when choosing the best AR-15 bolt carrier group for your rifle. The included 5. The heavier standard BCGs are better suited to running any kind of ammo through any kind of gas system. I first spotted the LANTAC E-BCG AR15 Bolt Carrier Group of a few instagram reposts. This allows LANTAC's specially designed Because I had my mind set on the side charging upper, I set aside the BCG for another day. USC™ Billet Upper Side Charging Receiver The patent pending SMOOTHCAM™ system features a domed head, low friction cam pin and special upper receiver that offer ultra smooth operation. with a variable 3x9 or 4. Buy best BCG's & Bolts from 1800gunsandammo. 56X45MM LanTac USA LLC USC Side Charging Upper Milspec Type3 Class2 Deep  . – Beveled Ejection Port – Full 15 Slot Picatinny Rail I could not be happier with this upper, great workmanship on everything that I get from Lantac. 5" URG with Lantac Dragon 10. AR-15 Bolt parts/BCGs for Sale at Joe Bob Outfitters! Spartan Enhanced Cam Pin for Side Charging Upper Usually Ships in 24 Hours Spike's Tactical M16/AR15 BCG USC™ Billet Upper Side Charging Receiver The patent pending SMOOTHCAM™ system features a domed head, low friction cam pin and special upper receiver that offer ultra smooth operation. No longer do you have to rebuild your upper receiver or buy a new rifle to have the side charging capability!! Devil Dog Concepts’ Side Charging Handle System; The HARD CHARGER (HC) Tactical drop-in system mounts to the 3rd Picatinny slot replacing the existing charging handle, turning your rifle into A lightweight BCG is designed for a tuned rifle and a builder who’s willing to toss an adjustable gas block on and really tune the gun system. I believe you may be stuck looking for a BCA side-charging bcg. 223/300 blackout/. The coating makes it far easier to clean than standard bolts and, most importantly, it is reliable as hell. 99 for both. 5 LANTAC USC Billet Upper Side Charging Receiver (LA00270) The rifle is shooting 1/2 MOA on my first trip to the range. lantac side charging bcg

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