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Repair of the concrete in PT cable reinforced slabs is somewhat different that in structural engineering and strengthening contractor who is certified to install . Concrete is the material of choice for new construction projects requiring tilt wall panels, commercial and warehouse flooring, residential slabs on grade and  Jan 8, 2018 When post tension slabs are a deferred submittal, shop drawings and by the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI), add a note for the contractor to. e. Once compromised, the structural weakening that can occur from loss of post tension tendons can be catastrophic. Two-way flat slab construction Multi-level parking structures One-way beam and slab design Hybrid Construction Post-tensioned podium slab supporting light framed structure above Santana Row; San Jose, California Post-Tensioned ground supported slab (SOG) is the largest application of post-tensioning in USA An architect’s dream, a delight for developers, a great tool for builders and kind on the environment – post-tensioning allows almost any shape of structure to be constructed, while reducing environmental impacts, construction time, materials and costs. (O. External DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems and Wire EX Tendons - a Maximum of Flexibility. Corona, Ca 92882. The intelligent use of post-tensioning technology  Building and site concrete; Structural concrete for basements and raised decks; Retaining walls; Slab on grade – conventional and Post Tension; Rebar  Post Tension Plugs was founded with one goal in mind. Cables are arranged as indicated by the engineer and chaired to run through the center of the slab. Operating the most PTI-Certified facilities in Arizona and Nevada, SPT is one of the largest turnkey post tension contractors in the United States, extruding and installing millions of feet of post tension reinforcing annually. The intelligent use of post-tensioning technology by CCL’s experienced engineers can bring bespoke solutions to suit each unique situation. Our external post-tensioning tendons are used around the world for the construction of bridges and wind energy structures. It has longer designed life span. (Image: concrete and light image by Stephen Jacoby from Fotolia. Conventional (rebar) slab construction uses common bar reinforcing throughout the slab distributed in two layers. I assume that you known about RCC now what happens in prestress structure intensionally stresse Slab on Ground Post-Tension. Nearly  Are you looking for a Post-Tensioning System that can be installed efficiently and quickly in floor slabs, flat slabs and barrier systems? DYWIDAG Monostrand  Structural Concrete; Tilt-Up Concrete; Elevated Concrete Decks; Post-Tensioned Cast-in-Place Structures; Concrete Foundations; Superflat Slabs (Ff/Fl). slabs for over 25 years and remains the only Tennis Court Contractor in the Tri-State area that has the  You may not know it but if you own a modern home you probably have a post- tension slab. e-solution construction and Engineering, we possess building design and construction (cast in site , precast , post-tension and steel ) operations experience with teams for each process. Post-tensioning by Stress-Con applies to both commercial and residential applications. Lesser Usage Of Materials: Since the post tension slab is thinner than a conventional slab, the slabs require less material for superior performance. Superior Post Tension is the Southwest United States leading full-service post tension supplier. GPRS-trained technicians are able to locate rebar and post-tension cables within the Elevated concrete slab scanning involves detecting embedded electrical our professional opinion to the contractor helping them know where they are  The materials used to post-tension concrete members are ultra-high-strength steel strands and bars. Coast Concrete Services is a family owned, WBE and WOSB Certified, professional Concrete Construction Company and Post-Tension Subcontractor that has been performing services for both Residential Home Builders as well as Commercial General Contractors throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast since 1994. They require Since this material is rarely used in homes, local contractors may not be familiar with it. They took the most direct path from the nearest gas source (in the laundry room) and exposed seven post-tension cables. The tension is transferred to the concrete, helping hold it together even better. Foundation Construction New Style - How To Build and Setup a Concrete Foundation For Houses Part 1 - Duration: 19:19. Details for the slab will be developed by the design engineer or architect on the project. This is because the formwork and back-propping can be removed earlier than with reinforced concrete slab construction, as the slab is able to be self-supporting. Sep 6, 2017 The five-story building consists of post-tensioned slabs supported by two core walls at each end and columns throughout the building. The owner and contractor needed to know if the 20000 sq ft deck could be West Parking, Controlled Demolition of Post-tensioned Concrete Garage and Slab. Europe Strong Force is a pioneer and a regional leader in the design, production and implementation of high quality pre and post-tensioning systems. Commercial & Residential Driveway, Post Tension Slab Specialist, Contractor Specializing in Concrete Driveways, Stamped Concrete Designs, Driveway  Stress-con, Inc. Post-tensioned slabs - Application PT reinforcement is used more in the residential market than in any other sector of construction. Engineered  Design of post-tensioned slabs and beams; Complete design services with ADAPT enters into Design / Build partnerships with other companies to meet the   Mar 4, 2016 It's up to concrete contractors to help architects, engineers, and slabs is driven by a schedule of two to three days for post-tensioning or form  Hal's Construction - Expert commercial concrete contractors in Portland OR, Concrete slabs for basements, warehouses, slab on grade, post tension and other  CCL Post-Tensioned Slabs are the first choice for many architects, contractors and engineers around the world. The shop drawings for Post Tensioned Slabs are then developed by the post-tensioning subcontractors design team or an outside Post Tension Slab designer hired by the builder. We provide complete, value-engineered plan sets with specifications suitable for both estimating and construction. Anyway, application for the post-tensioning slabs system include: Low to high rise residential and commercial buildings Industrial floor slabs on the ground This 7-story post-tensioned concrete hotel was built by Ceco Concrete Construction, a nationwide design-assist structural concrete contractor. PTI Technical and Certification committees are responsible for the creation and maintenance of concensus based documents covering the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of post-tensioned residences, buildings and structures. For residential construction, tendons at 48 inches on center are common. All Star Post Tension. specializes in locating post tension cables with GPR for home remodeling contractors, plumbing contractors, structural engineers, architects and home owners prior to concrete slab cutting or coring operations in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties. Post Tension Cables (PT Cables) are drawn tight with thousands of pounds of pressure. 4-7 days after a post tension slab is poured and before it is totally cured, the contractor comes and tightens the strands/cable to within 7% of the engineers designed strength of between around 27,000 and 35,000 psi. An overview of CCS services: -Podium Construction-Post Tension and high rise concrete construction-Large scale footer and foundations Superior Post Tension supports residential, commercial, and industrial projects across the United States. Post-tensioning provides high strength and stability, but looks just like any other concrete slab. As there were   Aug 25, 2018 Contractors build homes in Arizona using three different kinds of concrete foundations: A post-tension foundation, also falls within the family of monolithic grid pattern of steel reinforcement throughout the inside of the slab. Horizontal applications (like beams, slabs, bridges, and  Judlau Contracting Inc. The placing of cables is done according to the suggestions provided by the engineer and managed to run through the center of the slab. Before a post-tension slab is poured, high-strength steel strands or cables, called tendons, are laid in a tight grid. Williamson, Oklahoma Post-Tension, Inc. T. We’re currently discussing options for concrete sport courts with a client. Slab post-tensioning systems page 7 / 38 3. If these cables are cut, nicked or in any way compromised, they can rip through the concrete and render the slab useless, or seriously injure someone. Products Construction 3,648,538 views 19:19 And while code allows a licensed design professional (LDP) to delegate the design of the general anchorage zone to the contractor, we don’t recommend taking that route. There is inherent risk of striking rebar, electrical and communications conduits, and post tension cables during cutting, coring or drilling process. Post-tensioned courts are built utilizing ½” cables placed in both directions every 3-4’ within the concrete slab. Xtreme Elements specialty contractors provides a breadth of structural concrete services. , Canada and Mexico, and manufacturers of prestressing materials in the U. Post–tension cables are used in concrete construction to allow thinner slabs and greater span lengths between support columns. Proposed Regulatory Text for New Reinforcing Steel and Post-Tensioning OSHA The controlling contractor shall ensure that the following is provided and  Post-tension concrete is a method of reinforcing concrete. As a result, even though post-tensioning is meant to help prevent a slab from cracking, the slab can still crack if the tensioning process is done incorrectly. Prestressed concrete is a form of concrete used in construction. the contractor to precisely locate reinforcing, electrical conduit, post tension cables, PVC pipes, and measure concrete slab thickness. 7. Post-Tensioned Concrete Court Construction. Post-tensioning compresses the slab and counteracts the tensile stresses that would otherwise cause cracking under the worst combinations of loads or in poor soil conditions. Additional applications of post-tensioned concrete include: Construction of concrete slabs on the ground in areas where the soil is more likely to move. The Blue Book features over 1,000,000 company listings in BlueBook and CSI industry catagories (including Concrete - Post-Tensioning). A Post-tensioned slab on grade has many advantages over conventional reinforcements. Post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing concrete or other construction materials with high-strength steel strands/wires/cables generally known as tendons, applications include office and apartment buildings, parking structures, slabs-on-ground, bridges, sports stadiums, rock and soil anchors, and water-tanks. Formally a custom home builder for 15 years, we have professional experience in all phases of construction. Tendons are typically ½” diameter made of 7 steel wire strands that is then greased and encased in a plastic coating. Commercial foundations will have much more steel. Several methods exist for pre-stressing concrete, with post-tensioning being a very common one. Post-Tension Concrete. Brothers Contractors is the one for all your driveway and concrete needs from start to finish. Brothers Contractors is family owned and operated. The Tech-Con Systems Mission “Our goal is to provide the highest quality customer service and to produce a superior product. Work managed by Ceco included drilled piers, foundations, formwork, concrete, rebar installation and post-tensioning. After the concrete has been placed the cables are tensioned to 27,000 lbs. We are also one of a few certified Post Tension installers in Central & Eastern all the tools and personnel to complete your most difficult post tension slab projects. Post-tensioning is a form of pre-stressing concrete to provide reinforcement and overcome concrete’s weaknesses. Kustom Krete Post-Tension has provided materials and services to more than a million slab-on-ground foundations. We have been doing business in Tulsa and surrounding communities for 20 years. While most home projects don't require post-tensioning, it could still be a useful technique for some builders. Let us show you how Post Tensioning can save you time and money. Suncoast Post-Tension is the largest unbonded post-tension provider in the country, with the in-house manufacturing capabilities, national presence and the largest operational logistics team to offer superior turnarounds, processes and service. A typical draped profile in an elevated concrete slab would route the post-tensioned reinforcing through a high point over the slab’s supports, and through a low point in between those supports. Book on Post-Tensioned Buildings: Design and Construction by Dr. choice for many architects, contractors and engineers around the world. A post-tensioned slab is flexible in accommodating openings and penetrations. Generally speaking the perception is that a post tensioned sport court is more expensive than a cast in place slab. Post-tension reinforcing is very different than standard concrete construction. Disadvantages of Post tension slab: The post tension slab can be made only by skillful professionals. We have built an outstanding reputation for providing quality post-tension products while maintaining competitive pricing. Plugs is fortunate to have supplied plugs to some of largest concrete contractors across the country. So we dug into it and got some installed numbers. This method of reinforcing concrete enables a designer to take advantage of the considerable benefits provided by prestressed concrete while retaining the flexibility afforded by the cast-in-place method of building concrete structures. This is accomplished by pre-stressing cables which run throughout the slab and by compressing the concrete. Description. has been supplying Post Tension materials, engineering design, and concrete service to builders and contractors for over 25 years. At the time of construction, the contractor was concerned about construct- because they had no experience with PT flat slab in a tall building. Ceco contracted with Paric Corporation to construct the entire concrete frame. Phone, (225) 751-0888 · Address. The Post-Tensioned slab is thinner which reduce the construction time for clients. Post-Tensioned concrete was originally developed during the 1930’s, and made its way into the Tennis Industry in the late 70’s in Northern California where the soils are unstable and expansive. Once the slab cures, qualified personnel apply tension and grout the cables. Post-tensioned foundations are actively reinforced, and engineered, to resist soil movement stresses, minimize cracking, and prevent resulting damage to the supported residential structure. If using concrete embeds glazing contractor should make  Founded by Don Kline in 2006, Kline Engineering & Consulting (KEC) delivers innovative structural designs, rehabilitation services, and construction  (2) The duties of controlling contractors under this section include the duties Formwork to support concrete and placing operations for supported slabs of associated with post-tensioning concrete to create a permanent tension load. We have grown to meet the demand for versatile foundation systems. Members of the Institute include major post-tensioning material fabricators in the U. S. Our soils for the most part are clay which isn’t very stable like rock. HHC specializes in the structural and civil sectors within the Construction Industry providing solutions across a wide range of post-tensioning activities. A Post Tension (PT) slab-on-grade (SOG) foundation is based on a typical raft SOG foundation with one major difference; high strength steel tendons pulled into tension. Servicing slab on grade and elevated construction projects nationwide from our offices across Arizona and Nevada, SPT provides turnkey design, manufacturing, installation, and repair services for residential, commercial, and industrial post tension applications. This is why you don’t see very many homes with basements in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Post-tensioning applications could be applied to buildings designed for different usage such as residential , commercial and office buildings, parking, structures, slabs-on -ground, bridges, sports stadia, rock and soil anchors and watertanks. Structural Engineer Clancy. Principal Contractor Willmott Dixon Housing. Post-tensioned slab construction uses a combination of common rebar and high-strength tendon reinforcing, which is stressed after the concrete is poured. Many a times, ignorant workers do not fill the gaps of the tendons and wiring completely. CCS has several high profile clients and has developed a portfolio of high quality services while implementing a safety first standard and overall high standards of concrete construction services. Post-tensioning (PT) is a fiendishly clever way of reinforcing concrete to In addition, thinner PT slabs and early strength stressing promotes a faster CE- marked PT kits are only sold by certified Post-tensioning Specialist Companies who  High-tension steel tendons enable slab foundations to withstand the stresses of expansive soils. We pride ourselves on our provenience track record for post-tension construction. This method of reinforcing concrete enables a designer to take advantage of the considerable benefits provided by prestressed concrete while retaining the flexibility afforded by the cast-in-place method of The use of post tension tendons allows the engineer to design for larger slab construction spans typically used in parking structures or high rise condominium construction. CCL Post-Tensioned Slabs are the first . com defines post-tension concrete as a type of concrete slab where steel cables are stretched from one end of the slab to the other and stretched, increasing the load capacity of the slab, reducing shrinkage, and increasing the possible length of the slab without increasing thickness. slab openings, M/E/C PT repair offering is designed to assist engineers, owners and contractors to  Ocmulgee Concrete Services can install Raleigh post tension slabs for you the right way. With new build construction and renovation projects, the likelihood of needing to cut or core a concrete slab is high. ARCHITECTURAL INTELLIGENCE CCL Post-Tensioned Slabs can bring unique freedom Typical post-tensioned ribbed foundation for residential construction with tendons placed in the center of the slab at approximately 48 inches on center in each direction. For the Architect or Engineer: "An architect’s dream, a delight for developers, a great tool for builders and kind on the environment. Office: 951-734-3344 *External Post Tensioning *Sports Courts *Slab Openings *Parking Structures - Retrofit *Barrier Post-Tension Design specializes in designing post-tensioned slabs-on-grade for use where the soil conditions may render conventional slabs and footings inadequate. 11750 Cloverland Ct; Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809. If you're searching for a contractor who will take account for all the  Post tension (PT) tendon systems are primarily used for large slab construction projects. Walls are something that we as an experienced contractor “eat for lunch. There are two types of concrete floor slab construction. A post-tension slab is a slab of concrete without traditional stem type  Jan 19, 2018 (Maybe the second contractor just does not want to do them!) A PT slab foundation consists of a concrete slab covering the entire first floor. Southern Post Tension provides the highest level of post tension repair and construction service. , Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe, and companies supplying materials, services and equipment used in post-tensioned construction. We are the number one leader in quality and service since our inception in 1988. " Flexibility In Design: Post tension designs require lesser space and give way to dynamic contours. A post-tension slab is a slab of concrete that has been pre-stressed using a specific method to increase the strength of the concrete. Bijan O. The system provides superior strength for concrete, utilizing the structural Post tension slabs are a form of pre-stressed slabs which means they are compressed prior to use so that the slabs are able to bear weight or service loads beyond their own natural weight. Suncoast Post-Tension is North America’s largest unbonded post-tension specialist. An overview of CCS services: -Podium Construction-Post Tension and high rise concrete construction-Large scale footer and foundations Post-tensioned concrete is a term heard more and more in the construction industry today. These services include walls, post tensioned slabs, conventional  Jun 2, 2015 Curtain wall engineers can assist in heading off problems with post tension slabs. Whether you need assistance with a concrete foundation, reinforced concrete, reinforcing steel or concrete construction in general, we can help. "An architect’s dream, a delight for developers, a great tool for builders and kind on the environment. Now optimum The Blue Book Building and Construction Network is the Industry's leading source of regional, categorized Concrete - Post-Tensioning information. The strands and wires can be restressed and replaced individually, thus offering maximum flexibility for your project. Post-tensioning allows almost any shape of structure to be constructed while reducing environmental impacts, construction time, materials and costs. The construction of the post-tensioned concrete slab is one of the fastest construction methods. For the Architect or Engineer: Post Tension Cable Locators, Inc. Post-Tensioning Construction Basics. Structural engineers and contractors in San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties use post tension cables in residential concrete slabs to offset the effects of expansive soil conditions that exist in most of southern California. Post-Tension Design specializes in designing post-tensioned slabs-on-grade for use where the soil conditions may render conventional slabs and footings inadequate. For the Architect or Engineer: Construction of post-tensioned slabs on grade is equivalent to applying reinforcing steel, with the exception of the tensioning step. These cables are placed in the concrete slab prior to the actual placement of the concrete. Usually a sign in the garage or stamp in the slab will indicate if your home has a post tension slab. ) has supplied materials for more than 35,000 residential and commercial post-tension foundations, and is the largest post-tension supplier for foundation solutions in Oklahoma including: Superior Post Tension is the Southwest United States leading full-service post Servicing slab on grade and elevated construction projects nationwide from our the post tension industry, SPT provides our clientele of contractors, developers,   Modifications to existing post-tensioned structures (i. This hybridisation helps achieve the formation of a much thinner slab with a longer span devoid of any A post tension slab is a concrete slab or foundation that contains high tension cables running through the concrete to increase strength and reduce cracking typically in areas with poor soil conditions. These cables, composed of steel wires inserted into a plastic sheath, are subsequently "tensioned" and grouted after the concrete is poured. Bahrain Post-Tension Contracting “BPT” is a specialized Post-Tension contracting company which has stamped its strong presence in the market by virtue of successfully completed projects and satisfied clientele. Post-tensioned foundations are designed using the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) method first published in 1980 and recently updated with its 3rd edition. Cutting post tension cables can be very dangerous. We are dedicated to providing the construction industry with engineering expertise, responsive service and manufacturing excellence to ensure safe, timely and cost effective installations, restorations and repairs. The best way to ensure this doesn't happen is to educate your construction teams on the best practices for designing and constructing post-tension slabs. We offer a full range of services and products by applying our skills to large construction endeavors while remaining flexible enough to accommodate small and intermediate size projects. construction issues with post-tensioned concrete that I have found consistently among engineers and contractors. " Post-tensioned construction has for many years occupied a very important position, especially in the construction of bridges, storage tanks and buildings. POST TENSION Caissons Forming Shoring Piling Retaining Walls Tools Geotechnical Foundations Site Development Concrete Placement Concrete Contractors PreCast Concrete Cast In Place Concrete Wall Panels Tilt-Up Cast Stone Stucco post-tensioned reinforcing is installed in a draped profile instead of running in a straight line. We welcome you to explore our services and experience our commitment. It is substantially "prestressed" Typical applications include high-rise buildings, residential slabs, foundation systems, bridge and dam structures, silos and Unlike those of post- tensioned concrete (see below), the tendons of pre-tensioned concrete elements   Sep 1, 2015 PT Slabs. The reason for this lies in its decisive technical and economical advantages. Post-tensioning actively loads the structure One of the main differences be-tween a post-tensioned beam or slab The tension is transferred to the concrete, helping hold it together even better. This concrete Conventional concrete slabs are limited in length and thickness. Post-tensioned concrete slabs in buildings have many advantages over reinforced Other Post-Tensioning Concrete Applications. Many people not living in Texas have a hard time understanding the post-tension slab construction that is used here. Strengthening of existing structures that are susceptible to seismic shifts. Frame Contractor Mitchellson. Construction of post-tensioned slabs on grade is very similar to using reinforcing steel, except for the tensioning step. These documents are the industry standard and strive to educate the public of the industry best practices. The tensioning process effectively compresses the slab preventing it from cracking. The joints are very minimum (depends on the area of the slab), this reduces the costly dowels using and cracking problem. Post-tensioned concrete is a term heard more and more in the construction industry today. Shorter curing time - the curing time of VSL’s post-tensioned slab on grade is very short compared with any other type of slab. Aalami A must have reference book for engineers, students, contractors, building officials, and researchers. The cost of such mistakes can be prohibitive. PTE Strand's focus is to provide value engineering with the re- design of conventional concrete structural plans to include the value and strength of post-tensioning. First get clear with that normal slab is reinforced concrete(RCC) structural element whereas post-tension slab is prestressed concrete (PSC) structure. Concrete is very strong in compression but lacks strength in tension. Runde Company has completed all types of post tensioned slabs, ranging from sports  Apr 27, 2010 Photo: Kennedy Associates The contractor and owner for Seattle s McGuire Image: Post-Tensioning Institute Post-tensioned slab The steps. What is Post-Tension Concrete? ConcreteNetwork. This system is superior to rebar or wire mesh reinforced slabs because it compresses the  Pro-Sport has been designing and installing P. Our slab post-tensioning system offers all the stakeholders in a building project many benefits including reduced structure depth, greater clear spans, design flexibility, formwork versatility, reduced construction costs, enhanced construction speed, improved durability, minimum maintenance costs and reduced carbon footprint due to less concrete and steel required. Post Tension Tendon Repair; Post Tension Replacement; External Post Tension Upgrades and Modifications; Modifications and Repurposing of PT Slabs  Repair & Modification of Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures: Products & Our specialized PT repair offering is designed to assist engineers, owners and contractors to Thin slab bonded anchorages (2 – 4 strands); Bonded multistrand  Leading People and Companies in the Post-Tensioning Industry "Construction and Maintenance Manual for Post-Tensioned Slab-on-Ground Foundations,"  Pacific Post Tension provides a complete post tension package for projects ranging from track homes and custom slabs to large planned communities and  View case studies to learn how post-tensioning can be used effectively in a wide Post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing (strengthening) concrete or other  Post-tensioned foundations use high-strength steel to actively reinforce Contractors and engineers have been taught that concrete is bad in tension and good  What concrete contractors need to know about post-tensioned slabs on ground. Be it the thin beams The Stresscon Advantage Stress-con, Inc. Post-tension concrete slabs are used to create a monolithic (single pour) slab that is stronger than a traditional slab without What is Post Tensioned Concrete? Definition of Post tensioned concrete in Construction A structural procedure of strengthening concrete slabs and components that involves the installation of high tensile strength cables. P. Post tension slab is a combination of conventional slab reinforcement and additional protruding high-strength steel tendons, which are consequently subjected to tension after the concrete has set. com) Post-tensioning can be used for any poured-in-place concrete slabs. The design of general anchorage zones is critical to the integrity of any post-tensioned concrete structure and we recommend that the LDP complete this task personally. concrete haunched slabs,bridge,load,span,design,standards,Kansas Department ,post-tensioning tendons. Un-derstanding the causes of some of these problems should help contractors build better post-tensioned structures. Damage to PT cables frequently occurs when holes are cored or cutting of the post tensioned slab takes place without regard to the installed cables. Client Hyde Group. Architects, Structural Engineers, General Contractors, Real Estate Developers, and Owners incorporate post-tensioning systems on their projects in order to achieve economy, efficiency, quicker construction and lower lifetime cost of the structure. Designing the Post Tensioned Slab. Contractors sometimes need to drill or cut into a post-tensioned slab for repair or renovation work. Why? Because Post-Tensioning enhances concrete strength under both compressive and tensile stresses. A concrete slab is susceptible to soil expansion and contraction, which can lead to cracking. ” We're doing a kitchen remodel that includes trenching the slab in order to run gas to the island that previously had an electric cooktop. Vector Construction provides Post-Tensioned Concrete Evaluation and Repair, including Cable Drying and Grease Apartment Complex PT Slab (PDF). All of this is ideal for the expression creativity in the building design. Cutting a tensioned cable, or tendon, can endanger the contractor and compromise the structural integrity of the slab. Topping Slab Repairs/Replacement; Waterproofing and Deck Membranes Carbon Fiber Reinforcement; Post-Tension Repairs; Barrier Cable Repairs. C. It also All About HHC HHC provides building construction and Post Tensioning total design, engineering and construction, also, supply and installation services. 4a) Post Tension Slab shown curing after the slab pour wih cables waiting to be stretched to engineers specifications . Post Tensioning: Definition: post tensioned slab construction is the method of prestressing reinforced concrete in which tendons are tensioned after the concrete has attained a specified minimum strength or a specified minimum age. Post tensioned slabs can be used for structural purposes or crack control. The main problem with using post tension slab is that if care is not taken while making it, it can lead to future mishaps. Since the early 1950's, post tension tendons have been used in the  Suncoast Post-Tension is North America's largest unbonded post-tension specialist, providing engineering expertise and responsive service. Precast concrete segment construction in bridges to allow for longer spans. Provides an in-depth review of concepts and procedures of practical and modern post-tensioning design and construction. This method allows for large slabs to be constructed without joints, creating a monolithic slab that can Services Overview Post-Tensioning In Building Structures. The two options are a cast in place concrete slab or a post tensioned slab. With over 30 years of experience in the field of ironworking you can trust your construction project to be competitively priced, honestly assessed and completed with the highest level of quality and professionalism. Products Construction 3,648,538 views 19:19 4a) Post Tension Slab shown curing after the slab pour wih cables waiting to be stretched to engineers specifications . Book comes in US and International editions. BPT is rapidly emerging to be the contractor of choice for leading developers, consultants and building contractors. This leads to a shorter overall Post-Tensioning Construction Basics. 3). We offer our post-tensioning products and services to single family homes, multi-family housing, tennis courts, commercial slabs on ground, and high-rise commercial structures. Oklahoma's Largest Post-Tension Supplier Founded in 1988 by E. Superior Post Tension supports residential, commercial, and industrial projects across the United States. post tension slab contractors

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